Submitted By: Gregory Teck
Date: 12/06/05 11:01

SQLFusion recently announced the release of its online site building application, built with "AJAX" technology. This online web site builder, called Drag Drop Site Creator, is intended primarily for web hosting companies, which offer Drag Drop Site Creator as an additional service to their hosting customers.

AJAX, which stands for "Asynchronous JavaScript And XML" has been highlighted recently in Gmail, Flickr, Zimbra and many "Web 2.0" applications. AJAX-based applications act almost as if they reside on the user's machine, rather than across the Internet on a separate server. Drag Drop Site Creator pushes this technology a step further by allowing users to build entire web sites within their web browsers. They do so with an intuitive point, click and drag mechanism for any web site elements, such as text, pictures, forms and even additional web applications.

For more information, visit the company's web site at:

Drag and Drop로 사이트 디자인을 하고
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